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Having a financial plan

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Having a financial plan

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A Financial Plan is a Financial Strategy that you develop with your Financial Advisor by taking into account your current situation, risk profile and life goals.

Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)

A financial needs analysis is carried out by a qualified financial planner to ascertain the current state of your finances and your future financial needs. It also ensures that you are not sold any particular financial product without an overall assessment of your finances and existing financial portfolio. Request FNA

Risk Profile

SMB Financial Planning - Icons - Investment Risk Profile

A risk profile is what we do to assess your appetite for risk. This is dependent on your age, your investment term and your goals.

Goal Setting

Most people talk about setting goals, and for good reason. Having a goal whether it be a financial goal or even a life goal, helps you feel like you have a purpose and are working towards something. It also helps keep you accountable because your behaviour needs to align with your goals.

Article reposted with permission from SMB Financial Planning. Original post here.


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Born and raised in the small town of Pietermaritzburg in the Midlands, currently plying my trade in the Big Smoke, Johannesburg. I am following my dreams of working as a Liberty Financial Planner. It is something that allows me to combine my passion for people and building relationships with numbers and finance. My goal is to better inform people about finance and allow them to pave the way to a better financial future.

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