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Insurers known for not paying your claim

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Insurers known for not paying your claim

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One of the first questions that runs through your mind when considering whether to take out insurance is “will my claim actually be paid, or will they look for some excuse not to pay it?” This is a question that often goes unanswered, until the day you make a claim!

Thanks to the robust regulatory system in SA, there is a body you can approach that will independently and objectively look into your situation. This body even has the power to order the insurer to pay your claim – should it find that you were unfairly treated. Best of all, it’s free!

The body is called the ombudsman for short-term insurance.

The ombudsman also keeps a record of the number of complaints lodged against each insurer, and of these complaints, how many it ordered the insurer to pay (fully or partially)! This list is provided at the annual ombudsman report. So you can objectively see which insurers people most lodge complaints against, and of these complaints, how many have been ordered in the favour of the insured (you!).

Using the latest available data, Zonotho has ranked some popular short term insurers by the number of successful complaints made to the ombudsman out of every 10,000 claims received by the insurance company. (The higher a company is on the list, the worse its performance compared to other companies – similarly, the lower, the better).

PS: Make your mark, and help us find out what is the most common reasons Insurers give to not pay claims.


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