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Interview tips – Nail your next interview

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Interview tips – Nail your next interview

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Tip #1 What exactly are they looking for

We often feel that, to be successful in an interview, we must somehow superficially inflate our capabilities, and undersell our flaws.

You don’t have to ‘trick’ your potential employers to like you. In most cases you simply have to be authentic. As much as the interview is about you getting the job, it is also about the company’s hunt for the right person.

A better strategy is:
1- Discover exactly what your potential employers need in a candidate
2- Consider how your skill set, attributes and unique personality meet this need
3- Show them

Tip #2 practice!

Verbally practicing how to answer interview questions is an effective method of preparation. Think about the likely questions they may pose and then how you would approach each effectively.

Make use of the STAR method when answering.

Once you master it, here is a neat list of questions that you can practice the STAR method on.

Tip #3: Know the industry, company and position well

This is KEY. Make sure you:
· Study the company and its track record in the market (the ‘about us’ on its website is handy. Also peruse articles and current affairs about it)
· Know the industry – specifically the factors market players compete on.
· Know the position you are applying for well (e.g. what it entails, and how it adds value to the company)

Tip #4: Ask questions

Many potential candidates fail to take advantage of this very crucial step. Some outright forget about it. Asking questions is a salient component of any interview discussion.
It does two important things for you:
· Expresses your interest in the role to the panel
· Gives you invaluable insight into the people, product and processes of the role

Here are a list of questions you can consider asking at your next interview.

Tip #5: Your appearance matters

Make sure that whatever you wear does not subtract from the content that comes out of your mouth.

The following article by Michigan state university gives some guidelines on appropriate dress codes.


Benjamin is an Actuary working at a major financial services firm. He has experience in the valuation, design and distribution of wealth and investment products. Benjamin is insatiably passionate about teaching and empowering minds. All views expressed are Benjamin's own and neither reflect nor are influenced by the views of affiliated companies.

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