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Most Common reasons Car Insurers give to not pay Claims

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Most Common reasons Car Insurers give to not pay Claims

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When you take out insurance, it is important that you have a healthy expectation that the insurer will pay-out your claim when a valid event happens. The worst feeling is submitting your claim form and having that dread feeling that you won’t be paid out.

At Zonotho we have undertaken to run our own “test” to find out what the most common reasons are for Insurers not paying claims. So we are actually asking YOU to help us finish this post. We start by giving some of our reasons, and you can either confirm the reasons and/or add your own! We will later do the math and do a ranking of the most common reasons that Car Insurers give for not paying claims.

Why do this?

Our main reason for doing this is two-fold: We wish to address Insurers and the Insured (you).


  • The results will allow Insurers to zero-in on the main reasons for repudiation and thus be more preemptive in solving this issue (i.e. explain exclusions and claim events better? Amend unreasonable insurance contracts?)
  • Assist the FSB in knowing the major reasons for claim repudiation and how checks or additional legislation can be set to reduce this.
  • Reducing claim repudiation would help the reputation of the insurance industry as a whole


  • Identify the main reasons your claim could not be paid will enable us to help you understand the nature of your cover.
  • Increase your confidence in the system, as we aim to reduce the rate at which claims are rejected.

Like I said earlier: I’ll start us off with my own and you can kindly add/confirm in the comments section:

  1. Sorry, this person was not the designated driver.
  2. Our Apologies, you did not update your info when you moved!
  3. Unfortunately, you were using this vehicle for work purposes


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