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How to answer Interview Questions – The STAR method

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How to answer Interview Questions – The STAR method

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The STAR method is a useful framework to answer most interview questions in an effective and structured manner.  If applied correctly, it will ensure your key points are highlighted successfully. This is likely to place you in good stead with your potential employer.

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result.

Say you are posed a question that goes something like:

“Can you tell us of a time when you creatively solved a problem facing your organisation.”

This is how you can use the STAR method to answer.


Describe the setting and the challenge.

“I was recently involved in a project at Zonotho. The company exists to simplify financial concepts for everyone.

The challenge we faced is that –being financial specialists- we are not always able to objectively determine how simple our content is to understand”


Describe your job/role/responsibility and how it relates to the question.

“My role is a crucial one. It is to ensure the content on each post is simple enough for everyone to understand.”


Detail what you did to solve the challenge you were posed with.

“I proposed and implemented a 5 star rating system on each post. This allowed our readers to rate how simple a post is to understand. If an article was rated on average 3 stars or below, it is flagged for review.”


Finally, explain how as a result of your action, the problem was resolved.

“After implementation and significant take up, we now have an objective measure to ensure that each post meets our standard of simplicity.

Here is a neat list of questions that you can practice the STAR method on.


Benjamin is an Actuary working at a major financial services firm. He has experience in the valuation, design and distribution of wealth and investment products. Benjamin is insatiably passionate about teaching and empowering minds. All views expressed are Benjamin's own and neither reflect nor are influenced by the views of affiliated companies.

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