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VIDEO: What is Retirement?


VIDEO: What is Retirement?

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What is Retirement? Have you ever thought about it? Will you simply be sitting at home doing nothing or is this rather an opportunity to do do the work you want to, but without the need to. With other words, you want to work because you love what you’re doing and you don’t need the money as you are self-sufficient. This video was originally created for WellSpent, but this has now merged with Take Charge of Your Money.

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My name is Brendan and I’m a software developer working a regular 9 – 5 job. I’m 40-something years old, married and living in Cape Town (South Africa). I often wish that I didn’t need to “slave away” at my job as there is so much that I would love to be doing! Life is short and I want to make the best of it and hence I am forever working towards a goal of financial freedom and the idea for my blog is to create a collection of thoughts, ideas, tools, useful videos etc that are helpful to me, and hopefully to you too!

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